Rob Scallon finds inspiration with Chibson USA’s  ‘Wild Whammy” bar 

Published On: January 20, 2022Categories: News

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If you follow Chibson USA on social media then you probably have seen some recent content with a guy by the name of Bobbie Scallion – Professional YouTuber. It has become apparent (and by Chibson’s own admission-no less) that the company employed a Rob Scallon lookalike for their latest video campaign, simply because the real Scallon was “outside of [Chibson’s] budget”. 

The real Rob Scallon with Chibson USA’s Durst Burst No.2

It makes sense, doesn’t it? A real, fake company hires a real, fake YouTuber to promote a real, fake set of products. What could go wrong?

In the end, the ad campaign resulted in four entertaining episodes that explore an array of Chibson USA products including their Durst Burst, Placebo Pedal, and a 4-foot, UFO-inspired, whammy bar. 

However, Chibson’s decision to hire a lookalike may have only caused confusion as most viewers of the campaign only commented on the physical similarities between the real and fake Rob Scallon. Sadly, it seems that little to no attention was drawn to the actual products Chibson was attempting to promote.

And that’s where fate stepped in…

When Chibson least expected it, the real Rob Scallon stepped out of the shadows and uploaded his very own YouTube video highlighting Chibson’s very own “Whammy Davis Jr.” 4-ft Whammy Bar. The video’s title only has three simple words:  The Whammy Caster

Scallon’s video takes place in the familiar setting of the recording studio where Rob is joined by Chicago-based super rock drummer, the incredibly talented Jessica Burdeaux. Quickly, the two begin getting levels in the control room and their improvisation turns into the foundation for the eventual track titled “For Stephen”.

Rob Scallon and Jessica Burdeaux during the recording of “For Stephen”

Once the guitar and drum tracks are recorded, Scallon adds a bass track and throat vibrato vocal melody that is certainly worthy of a Grammy nod. 

As an extra added bonus, Rob takes a deep dive into what makes the Wild Whammy tick with a heavily distorted, high-energy whammy track called “A Wham In The Fabric Of Life” which really demonstrates even more range and sounds that can be created by the Whammy Davis Jr. 

One of the small, but sweet victories for Chibson USA was this unexpected collaboration with Rob Scallon, especially after sinking so much money into a cheap imitation. 

Is this the start of a beautiful friendship or just mere coincidence? I guess we’ll wait and see what happens next. 

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