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Prices current for Holiday 2023

Availability and lead times may vary.

Mini Jumbo Hand Pick

Manufactured by Dunlop

  • MSRP $14.99/pc
  • Wholesale Price $7.50/pc
  • MOQ 4 Picks ($30.00)


  • Jazz Standard on White
  • Flame Logo on Black (Heavy Relic)

“JAZZZ” Jazz III Picks (6-pack)

Manufactured by Dunlop

  • MSRP $8.99/pack
  • Wholesale Price $4.50/pack
  • MOQ 4 6-packs ($18.00)

Flame Logo Tortex .60mm Black Picks (6-pack)

Manufactured by Dunlop

  • MSRP $8.99/pack
  • Wholesale Price $4.50/pack
  • MOQ 4 6-packs ($18.00)

Cease & Desist Toggle Rings

MSRP $12.00/pc

Wholesale Price $6.00/pc

MOQ 8pcs ($44.00)

More Paul/Less Paul Toggle Ring


Gold on black, White on Black, Gold on White, Black on White

MSRP $12.00/pc

Wholesale Price $6.00

MOQ 8 pcs ($44.00)

Chib Grip – Stress Relieving Floating Keychain

Variations: Pink, Yellow, Green

MSRP $6.00/pc

Wholesale Price $3.00/pc

MOQ 9 pcs ($18.00)

Chibson USA Activity Book

Variations: An extra fun way to spend an afternoon!

MSRP $12.50/pc

Wholesale Price $6.25/pc

MOQ 10 Pcs ($62.50)

Whammy Davis Jr. 4-ft Wild Whammy Bar


MSRP $60.00/pc

Wholesale Price $40.00/pc

MOQ 2 ($80.00)

Variations: US, Metric, Push-in (AVR)

Packaging note (Nov 2023): Wild Whammy Bars currently ship without any outer packaging/box. We are currently in the process of designing/printing packaging and hope to be able to offer complete Wild Whammy packaging by late 2023 or early next year.

Whammy Davis Jr

The Humbuckle: Humbucker Style Belt Buckle

It’s a Humbucker – no, it’s a Belt Buckle!

MSRP $79.99/pc

Wholesale Price $51.50/pc

MOQ 2 ($103.00)

Chibson T-Shirts


  • Original Logo
  • Shell Co
  • Flame Logo
  • Insane Klon Posse

MSRP $25.00/ea

Wholesale Price $16.00/ea

MOQ 4 ($64.00)

Chibson Original Logo T-Shirt

Chibson Flame Logo T-Shirt

Chibson Shell Company T-Shirt

Insane Klon Posse T-Shirt