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Published On: July 2, 2022Categories: Archives

“Meticulous” doesn’t even begin to describe Chibson USA’s attention to detail, but it comes quite close. So readers will not be surprised to learn that when the Chibson team took it upon themselves to redesign one of the most iconic guitars of the 20th century, they didn’t spare any expense - legal, or otherwise. “How [...]

Joe Exotic has guitarists singing ‘Hear Kitty Kitty’

Some people grow up to be Astronauts. Others, Figure Skaters. And those rare few grow up to be notorious Animal Wranglers famous for all the wrong reasons. When a young Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage strolled into the original [...]

It’s double or nothing for Michael Angelo Batio & Chibson

When it comes to guitar-shredding superheroes from another planet, one particular virtuoso tops the list and that is Michael-Angelo Batio! You may remember MAB from his countless magazine articles and covers, instructional videos, or his [...]