Published On: December 16, 2022Categories: News

Chibson USA has released the latest in their series titled "Chibstories" featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the company's most recent visit to the Anaheim Convention Center for the Nation Association of Music Merchants AKA "The NAMM Show". In this action-packed documentary narrated by Chibson USA founder Jason USA, the audience gets a first-hand account of [...]

  • Published On: December 6, 2021Categories: News

    Order the Chibson Activity Book here. In a move that has shocked everyone, the marketing and art departments at Chibson HQ have finally created a product that every fan will want to own. Designed and tested for months in the company's state-of-the art consumer psychology lab, the 48-page Chibson Activity Book is engineered to [...]

  • Published On: December 5, 2021Categories: News

    As fans know, the Chibson USA team has been hard at work with the recent release of the Chibson USA Activity Book and we are looking forward to its great success this holiday season. Today, we are excited to announce that an innovative interpretation of labor law has helped us maximize our employee productivity, giving [...]

  • Published On: December 1, 2021Categories: News

    In mid-2020, Chibson USA unveiled their collaboration with Daredevil Pedals by launching the brand new Placebo Pedal. Chibson unsuccessfully reached out to Mastodon’s Brent Hinds for an endorsement, but as fans know, “Brent Hinds doesn’t endorse this product” became the official company tagline. Having been turned down by a high-profile guitarist, Chibson executives immediately turned their attention toward YouTube and [...]

  • Published On: August 19, 2021Categories: News

    First things first, Brent Hinds does not endorse the Chibson Placebo Pedal. But that did not stop the legendary instrument company, Chibson USA from paying an employee to fly out to Atlanta, GA simply to ask the Mastodon guitarist for his endorsement. According to an anonymous source close to the Chibson USA camp, a Chibson employee [...]

  • Published On: August 17, 2021Categories: News

    The response's most damning accusation arrives at the end of the video

  • Published On: July 26, 2021Categories: News

    With aggressive and hate-filled comments mounting, it appears popular guitar giant, Chibson USA, is under attack (once again).