Fans Are Not Happy With Chibson USA

Published On: July 26, 2021Categories: News

With aggressive and hate-filled comments mounting, it appears popular guitar giant, Chibson USA, is under attack (once again) from its most loyal supporters and entertainment specialists alike. And with the reputable brand releasing daily free content across multiple platforms, faithful fans of Chibson “USA” are speaking up and rightfully demanding more from the industry staple. And better.

“Usually your shit is funny,” one follower blasted on Instagram, in response to the company’s ad for their Worst Act acoustic guitar, featuring Adam Levine touting one of Chibson’s many slightly inferior starter series. Considering the nearly thousand posts to pull from, most would agree that such an irrefutable statement, and in no way a personal opinion aimed at hijacking the attention, conveys what so many discouraged and, in all frankness, left behind fans have been trying to say from Day-one.

And the hurls didn’t stop there.

Chibson - Unfollowing now

Another one-time Chibson fan and industry expert commented, “Unfollowing now,” in response to the controversial ad, receiving tens of likes from an onslaught of dissatisfied and demoralized- who, for now, still call themselves fans. Though, readers should note that a healthy number of these likes were later found to be in support of what they viewed as an ironic comment- To take nothing away from the accelerated disdain for the company’s recent content and general business practices.

As Chibson USA continues to broaden its global market, one thing is for sure- Distraught fans aren’t about to silence their critiques and criticism anytime soon in their revolt over free content with which they collectively and justly own.

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