Chibson USA Responds to “Scam Video” by YouTuber, Darrell Braun

Published On: August 17, 2021Categories: News

Chibson USA released a scathing attack on Canadian YouTuber Darrell Braun after a recent video surfaced on Braun’s channel, citing that he’d been the victim of an online scam carried out by respected instrument company, Chibson USA.

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The company’s response used portions of Braun’s original video to highlight the revered Youtuber’s seemingly baseless fraud claims, in addition to the comprehensive and calculated harassment received from hundreds of Braun’s “followers” by showing explicit messages posted publicly and privately to Chibson’s social media pages.

Chibson USA pulled no punches pointing out that Braun had been taking advantage of the Canadian Government by receiving free health care and is actively trying to conceal his Canadian citizenship to the majority of his followers.

Chibson Deep Fakes

Courtesy of Chibson Entertainment USA

The response’s most damning accusation arrives at the end of the video when Braun is shown to have a Chibson “Deep Fake” instrument-like product displayed on his famous wall-of-guitars backdrop, contradicting Braun’s original claim he was scammed by Chibson.

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