Jared James Nichols Signature Picks Are Just The “Tip” Of The Iceberg

Published On: July 26, 2021Categories: Archives

Chibson USA knocked it out of the park with their recent release of the Jared James Nichols signature guitar picks. Many in the guitar world know that JJN swore off the traditional guitar plectrums and now uses only what comes naturally… his fingers.

Chibson, along with their team of scientists, looked into creating an authentic guitar pick that closely modeled Jared’s own fingers. The team made several major technological breakthroughs over the summer before landing on a dense polymer that mimicked the look and feel of Jared’s tone-filled digits to a T. Chibson has gone above and beyond and in their development delivered a dangerous blend of chemicals guaranteed to set back EPA laws for years to come.

“The custom pick market is a huge market and we were the only guys in the industry brave enough to make ‘picks’ for someone who doesn’t use them.” Chibson’s CEO, Jason USA remarked.

If you are looking for the best guitar tips on the internet…look no further than Chibson USA.

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