How Right Is The Price?

Published On: May 4, 2024Categories: Archives

Actually, the price is correct! One thing the price will never do is “Come on down” and that is the Chibson guarantee!

The all-new Plinkocaster is perfect for any Showcase Showdown. If cash and prizes is your thing then look no further because we have the instrument for you. The Plinkocaster looks and feels just like the famous Plinko set from the long-running television gameshow series “The Price Is Right”.

The only difference between this guitar and the real thing is you don’t have to wager a dollar in hopes that the other contestants have over bid. Take yourself back to the days of Bob Barker and the Barker Beauties with this retro design that doesn’t include picks or a step stool.

Dazzle your friends and neighbors today with the all-new (unlicensed)  Plinkocaster by Chibson USA

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