Chibson USA’s single ingredient for success: ‘Just Frets’

Published On: July 1, 2022Categories: Archives

The music business is a strange place where liars and thieves wait to take advantage of you – and that’s just in the parking lot of Chibson HQ! Despite the fact that success in the music industry is a nearly impossible game to navigate, Chibson USA took it upon themselves to help the average working class musician by creating an instrument with the broadest tonal range on the market. 

Chibson USA’s new “Just Frets” Microtonal Guitar opens the spectrum of sound, changes what we once knew as a harmonic scale, and blows the whole thing wide open for a brand new generation. Just Frets is not Chibson USA’s first major success, their previous hit products like the Wild Whammy Bar and the Chibson Activity Book continue to wow fans around the world. 

Some have compared the new “Just Frets” model to the recent discovery of thousands of galaxies beyond our own, that house tens of thousands of planets, stars, moons, and countless celestial bodies. And not unlike the boundless panorama made possible by the Hubble Telescope, guitarists have said “Just Frets” makes the possibilities of their musical exploration feel endless.

If danger is your thing, look no further than Chibson’s “Just Frets” model. In case studies, over 23 guitar players received cuts and bruises resulting from contact with unfiled or “sharp” frets, while six required stitches or medical treatment. However, when you are playing the guitar that boasts “Over 700+ Frets Guaranteed”, you can expect some level of “a learning curve”. 

When asked to comment on these injuries, Chibson USA assumed no responsibility. In an official statement, the company’s founder, Jason USA, instead chalked the statistics up to “more internet sensation” and “drama”.

While the debate rages on as to whether Chibson’s “Just Frets” is a beginner’s guitar with countless possibilities, or a razor-sharp death trap in disguise, one thing is certain: people really love them!

With sales of the new “Just Frets” guitar on the rise, you can expect to see more Chibson microtonal instruments in the future. 

The real question remains, Is 700+ frets enough? What are your thoughts?

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