Chibson USA Steps In The Right Direction With Pedalboard Hero!

Published On: July 26, 2021Categories: Archives

Since the success of last year’s “Lap Steel Hero,” Chibson USA has been hard at work developing their newly released “Pedalboard Hero.” The game combines real-world skill and agility in selecting the correct pedal for the corresponding song-Quickly!

Skill levels such as “U2-The Edge” and “Radiohead” will excite anyone seeking a fast-paced thrill ride of action only available on Pedalboard Hero! Keep up and try not to trip over this innovative leap in game design, which combines boutique pedal collecting and true-to-life stage heroics, all from the safety and comfort of your own couch.

Critics and gamers alike can all agree that Chibson USA’s “Pedalboard Hero” is the next step in music-based gaming, opening up a whole new world of pedal effects and assemblage to a younger generation. Start saving your money, kiddos, because it costs some serious money and skill to be the next “Pedalboard Hero.”

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